acquired... {march 1- march 19}

Black slub scoop neck from Zara / Striped boat neck from Zara / 3 t-shirts for girls from Gap / Gold cuff bracelet from three bishops (gifted) / Disco ball / Print from Book / Shop / Bike + tennis shoes for Millie (gift from Bryan's mom) / Blue suede wedges / Black joie tank / Clutch from 4510 / IKEA haul: 2 sheepskins, 3 gallery frames, 10 cereal bowls, roll of art paper and wooden paper holder for girlies, 12 blue and white dish towels, metal mixing bowl


acquired... {february 16 - march 1} + an update on 2011

First up the acquisitions for the past couple of weeks... Here goes:

Two "snake" bangles/horn bangle/metallic cowhide/vintage brass kangaroo box/necklace from We Never Sleep/black silk blouse (bequeathed from Lucia)/Iittala Vitriini clear glass box/small Iittala Taika bowl/eight pairs of seamless socks from the girls/Baguu laptop sleeve/two new pairs of shoes for Audrey/Apartmento magazine (gifted)

Now for a quick 2011 update... After my last post, a couple of you asked if I achieved my goals of only buying things I loved/would have for at least five years and ending the year with less stuff than I started with. On the first one, I would say mostly. I loved 90% of what I bought last year with the exception of a few missteps. On the second, I would say an unequivocal yes. I gave away a ton of stuff last year, probably twice as much as I acquired, and friends it felt really, really good. For the record ;-)


acquired... {january 31 - february 16}

So there was a little note jotted on my calendar on February 1st that I could "stop doing Operation Simplicity". I had achieved my original goal of tracking my purchases for a full year, so I was technically free to throw in the towel.

But, after marinating on it for the past couple of weeks, I've decided to keep going, as being accountable in this space has totally changed the way I approach stuff. It's been a good experiment. A success.

So I'm forging ahead but with a teeny twist. Moving forward, I'm going to (try) and share not just the things I purchase but every. single. thing. I acquire for me, the house and the girlies whether purchased, bartered, gifted, etc... If it enters the house, I'm going to include it (with the exception of Bryan's stuff, I have to draw the line somewhere).

But to make this new approach more manageable, I'm not going to share photos of everything, rather I'll just list most items. It won't be as pretty but it'll help keep me honest.

So, with that, my acquisitions of late:

Medium suede pouch from American Apparel / Cy Twombly book (gift from Bryan for Valentine's Day) / Astrological Maps bracelet from Anthro (going away gift from my old co-workers) / Two Courbet melamine plates / "Disco" dress for Audrey's school auction / Vintage glass display dome / Jonathan Adler bowl (gift) / iPhone and case / Fig tree for living room / Black silk cord to make necklaces


acquired... {january 5th - january 30th}

√Čtoile Isabel Marant dress...

Tea (gifted), Fresh Sake candle, Silver "rod" vase, Issues of Kinfolk and Paper Mache Magazines

While top and rust blouse from Club Monaco

Orange and blue crewel pillow from Anthro...



acquired... {december 15th - january 5th}

Lulu Frost '4' ring...

F. is for Frank basketweave ring...

Glass "pretzel" object...

Zara skirt

Three gold urchins (from lovely cousin Erin for Christmas)

Blue and red t-shirt dress from Chance

New black boots...


acquired... {birthday edition}

Leopard heels from from Bryan

Sonia Delaunay book from Bryan...

Necklace from the girlies...

Odette ring from Bryan...

Sweater from co-workers (so sweet!)

Heath mug from my sis...

Cozy slippers from my folks...

Suffice to say, it was a very nice birthday!


some inspiration

"To have to wait for something is what we all need. Slow yourself down and you'll see so much more."

The Goodwin Project

... hugely inspiring and spotted via Elizabeth


some inspiration (+ acquisitions)

image via piccsy

After a weekend filled with board games and feasting and general merrymaking, we are refreshed and reinvigorated. Of course it helps that I managed to largely avoid the "Black Friday"/weekend shopping melee, as there's something about that whole scene that, well...sucks the life out of me.

the new white t-shirt from Club Monaco...

the new black "work" skirt...

My one concession was a late Sunday afternoon trip to purchase a white t-shirt (after a 30 minute search revealed that I apparently don't own a single one...not sure how that happened, but I'm guessing it was accidentally "purged" in a fit of cleaning) and replace my 11-year old black work skirt that has officially died.

That skirt is quite possibly my best example of purchasing for the long haul... I bought the best quality I could afford at the time, tailored it multiple times over a decade to give it new life and wore the heck out of it. I'm hoping this new one serves me just as well.

Hope you had a fantastic holiday!


some inspiration

"Joy is not in things: it is in us."

Richard Wagner

...so simple but so true (this is usually the case, yes?)