some inspiration (+ acquisitions)

image via piccsy

After a weekend filled with board games and feasting and general merrymaking, we are refreshed and reinvigorated. Of course it helps that I managed to largely avoid the "Black Friday"/weekend shopping melee, as there's something about that whole scene that, well...sucks the life out of me.

the new white t-shirt from Club Monaco...

the new black "work" skirt...

My one concession was a late Sunday afternoon trip to purchase a white t-shirt (after a 30 minute search revealed that I apparently don't own a single one...not sure how that happened, but I'm guessing it was accidentally "purged" in a fit of cleaning) and replace my 11-year old black work skirt that has officially died.

That skirt is quite possibly my best example of purchasing for the long haul... I bought the best quality I could afford at the time, tailored it multiple times over a decade to give it new life and wore the heck out of it. I'm hoping this new one serves me just as well.

Hope you had a fantastic holiday!


Lena said...

What is the new skirt? Looks interesting.

Joslyn said...

Hi Lena

The new skirt is from Banana Republic...oddly enough the old 11-year old skirt was from Banana Republic too.

I'm consistent ;-)