acquired... {january 31 - february 16}

So there was a little note jotted on my calendar on February 1st that I could "stop doing Operation Simplicity". I had achieved my original goal of tracking my purchases for a full year, so I was technically free to throw in the towel.

But, after marinating on it for the past couple of weeks, I've decided to keep going, as being accountable in this space has totally changed the way I approach stuff. It's been a good experiment. A success.

So I'm forging ahead but with a teeny twist. Moving forward, I'm going to (try) and share not just the things I purchase but every. single. thing. I acquire for me, the house and the girlies whether purchased, bartered, gifted, etc... If it enters the house, I'm going to include it (with the exception of Bryan's stuff, I have to draw the line somewhere).

But to make this new approach more manageable, I'm not going to share photos of everything, rather I'll just list most items. It won't be as pretty but it'll help keep me honest.

So, with that, my acquisitions of late:

Medium suede pouch from American Apparel / Cy Twombly book (gift from Bryan for Valentine's Day) / Astrological Maps bracelet from Anthro (going away gift from my old co-workers) / Two Courbet melamine plates / "Disco" dress for Audrey's school auction / Vintage glass display dome / Jonathan Adler bowl (gift) / iPhone and case / Fig tree for living room / Black silk cord to make necklaces


JWK said...

I'm so glad you're keeping it going! I really do think differently of my acquisitions thanks to you!! Good luck in 2012!!!

Engracia said...

I'm curious did you end the year "with less stuff" than when you started.

molly said...

looking for a new iPhone case... what did you get?

TX Girl said...

I am happy to hear you are going to continue. I've enjoyed checking in and a had the added bonus of falling for a couple of pieces you've collected and gotten them for myself.

Joslyn said...

Engracia -- I did end the year with less stuff than i started...significantly. It was pretty amazing!

Molly -- i just got a super simple white iPod case from case mate. i love it.