acquired... {february 16 - march 1} + an update on 2011

First up the acquisitions for the past couple of weeks... Here goes:

Two "snake" bangles/horn bangle/metallic cowhide/vintage brass kangaroo box/necklace from We Never Sleep/black silk blouse (bequeathed from Lucia)/Iittala Vitriini clear glass box/small Iittala Taika bowl/eight pairs of seamless socks from the girls/Baguu laptop sleeve/two new pairs of shoes for Audrey/Apartmento magazine (gifted)

Now for a quick 2011 update... After my last post, a couple of you asked if I achieved my goals of only buying things I loved/would have for at least five years and ending the year with less stuff than I started with. On the first one, I would say mostly. I loved 90% of what I bought last year with the exception of a few missteps. On the second, I would say an unequivocal yes. I gave away a ton of stuff last year, probably twice as much as I acquired, and friends it felt really, really good. For the record ;-)

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Nomadic D. said...

Congrats, I bet that does feel really good. And a 90% track record is pretty damn high if you ask me. I think if we're too overly careful about making only purchases we love, our closets might forever remain too safe, and we may never venture outside of our comfort zone. So that 10% there symbolizes healthy risk, I'd say. Also, your little kangaroo box thing is ridiculously cute. It's a necklace too?! Outrageous.